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The Lemnos-Gallipoli Project: Women in War


The Lemnos-Gallipoli Project: Women in War is a trans-national collaboration of artists and cultural actors from Australia, Turkey, Greece and Cyprus. It comprises contemporary artistic works and activities, reflecting a female perspective on the impact of conflict on our societies.  While inspired by the Centenary of the Gallipoli Campaign / Battle of Çanakkale in 1915, the Project addresses themes that have relevance beyond 2015. A significant WWI military operation that resulted in extensive casualties on both sides of the conflict, this event constitutes a defining moment in history, having impacted significantly on the course of Australian, European and world history.


Utilising art and culture, the Project highlights the devastating impact of war on our societies, on all sides of a conflict, while deepening community awareness and understanding of our common heritage.



The Contemporary Opera


Women in War is a contemporary opera composed by Tassos Ioannides, on a libretto written by Deborah Parsons and directed by Alkinos Tsilimidos.  The work blends musical styles, rhythms, cultural nuances and emotional expressions, delving into the contrasting mindsets of the three women protagonists.


Using a cinematic approach, the narrative unfolds in twenty-one scenes, deviating significantly from the traditional opera form.  A 110-minute large scale work combining a symphonic score, a chorus as commentator/observer, with dramatic music and movement as in ancient Greek drama, a cast of international artists deliver a work of truly culturally diverse synthesis.

The Book


The historical book Lemnos-Gallipoli 1915: Women in War, written by Alice McConnell and edited by Professor Bruce Scates of Monash University, tells of the courage, fortitude and determination shown by so many women whose lives were changed forever by the Gallipoli Campaign/Battle of Çanakkale in 1915 on both sides of the conflict, and will also be translated to Turkish and Greek.


The Exhibition


Utilising archival and original works, the exhibition is delivered in an audio-visual installation format, incorporating techniques of 3D animation and projection mapping.  It provides the visitor with a sensory journey to the time of the Gallipoli Campaign / Battle of Çanakkale.


The exhibition will be presented at the Hellenic Museum in Melbourne, the  Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University Congress Centre, the Lemnos Municipal Building and the Patticheion Municipal Museum, Historical Archive and Research Centre in Limassol, Cyprus.


The International Conference


The Conference will be held on Friday, 31 July 2015 at the Village Roadshow Theatrette, State Library Victoria.


It is not just those who serve who bear the burden of war. In this conference, Australian and international women speakers will explore the experience of women both on and off the battlefield. While it profiles women in the Gallipoli Campaign/Battle of Çanakkale, the themes it addresses have relevance till our days.  Women in War will offer new insights into the nurses who cared for soldiers on all sides of the conflict, the women who faced broken men on their return and all who suffered the trauma and bereavement of war.


Speakers include:


.  Professor Melanie Oppenheimer - author of 'Oceans of Love', who will retrace Sister Narelle Hobbes' extraordinary journey across the Mediterranean. 


.  Her Honour Judge Felicity Hampel - Judge of the County Court of Victoria, former Victorian Law Reform Commissioner and former president of Liberty Victoria, with extensive experience in human rights and international war crimes tribunals.


.  An international speaker (TBC)


The conference will be chaired by Professor Rae Frances from Monash University, co-author of 'Women and the Great War'.  


Monash University scholars Alice McConnell (author) and Professor Bruce Scates will present the historical book 'Women in War'.


The conference is organised by the Lemnos Gallipoli Project's Australian partner Artek Productions, in collaboration with the Australian Multicultural Foundation,  Monash University and the State Library of Victoria.



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